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We Support the Arts; beyond the hashtag #

It became apparent in the early days of rebranding the business that we were going to have to get creative with our programming at Edge of the Avalon Inn. Visitors to our province were looking to have an authentic, cultural experience. When they are visiting a place that is known for its storytelling traditions, artistic creativity, and a vibrant, eclectic music scene, that’s what they’re expecting.

So over the last three years we have put our creativity hats on and reached out to our own community members first. Thus was born our local hiking excursions with storyteller Tony Power and our infamous Screech In’s with Herb and Marion Sutton. Not to mention the local musicians that pop up to play a song or a tune at the drop of a hat. All of these experiences leave our guests smiling at  the “time” they’ve experienced around da bay. 

It’s no secret that this area is known for its music with kitchen parties being the heart of that. Last year we built a summer concert series around this tradition. We welcomed such talented artists last year and will do so again this summer with a concert series taking place on Fridays, all summer long. In order to pull this off though we had to get inventive. Where there is funding out there for community groups to attract performers there is no such thing for small businesses available at the moment. Our solution to this problem was to approach each of the artists on a business to business basis, and this is how it looked. 

We provide two rooms for the performers along with dinner and breakfast, marketing and social media support, a small PA, and a travel stipend. They in turn get to use our gorgeous dining room as their venue for the evening and charge what they wish for tickets to the show. The concerts this year are set at a great value of $15 per person with all proceeds going directly to the artists from all tickets sold. It’s an intimate venue with a view of Trepassey harbour that will take your breath away. 

The calibre of these performances are world class. Here’s this years line up for Music at The Edge:

June 28th Fine Lads 

July 5th The Culchies, Trevor Halleran & Mike Foley 

July 12th Jeremy Dicks 

July 19th Karla Pilgrim and Jackie Sullivan

July 26th Sandy Morris and Jamie Dart

August 2nd Shanda Hopkins

August 9th The Relic’s

August 16th Katie Barbour-Reddy

August 23rd Jackie Sullivan CD Release 

August 30th Labour Day Fest TBA

Sept 6th Ronnie Power and Guest

Getting creative like this has been beneficial for all parties to get a quality product out in the market, as well as showcasing the talent we have here on the Rock. For our guests it really adds to the feel good moments that turn vacations into memories. 

For us at #TheEdge it means that when we say #wesupportthearts it’s not just a random hashtag. We are walking the walk and we’re sure proud to do so here on the bottom of the Irish Loop. Don’t just drive through; stay awhile. You’ll be glad you did. 

Contact the Performers below to book your advance tickets. Limited seating. Ticket’s at door if they aren’t sold out. Reservations recommended for the dining room. Shows start at 7:30 and run until 9:00 pm. Thanks to all of you, for helping us, support the arts. #weallsupportthearts

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