Trepassey is located next to historic Cape Race, another great place to visit during your stay with us.

     On a fateful night in April of 1912, the Titanic, on her maiden voyage, struck an Iceberg in the north Atlantic. This happened just 400 miles off the Newfoundland coast. In 1912, the Marconi Company had a wireless radio station, still in it’s infancy at the time, located in Cape Race. It was at that station that a 14 year old boy by the name of James (Jimmy) Myrick would receive the wireless message that the Titanic had struck an Iceberg and was sinking. Now there is a story in this as well:

     “Is it possible that all three wireless operators were away from their post (a total break with company policy) and that the only person in the wireless operating room at the time – when the distress call was given by the Titanic was a very curious 14 year old boy named James (Jimmy) Myrick?
    Dave Myrick, President of the former Irish Loop Amateur Radio Group lays claim that his great uncle, James (Jimmy) Myrick who was then 14 years old, was visiting the Marconi Station and was alone for a few minutes during which time he heard the Titanic’s first CQD/SOS message.
    The family contends that James (Jimmy) Myrick swore to the three  wireless operators that he would protect their jobs – that he would not take credit for being the first to take the message. He kept his secret , only confessing  the truth to his family when he was an old man confident that he had been true to his promise to the Marconi operators when they lived.” From Archival Moments ~ Distress Call Cape Race

Here are some accounts of how things would have looked on that night in April:

       “The actual Marconi logs at Cape Race were either lost to fire or accidentally thrown out, according to differing historical accounts. But a log later replicated from those notes by one of Gray’s assistants, Robert Hunston, documents the last messages between Titanic and other ships (eastern standard time).
“11:00 p.m. Titanic continues calling for assistance and giving position.”
“11:36 p.m. Olympic asks Titanic which way latter steering. Titanic replies: ‘We are putting women off in boats.’ ”
“12:50 a.m. Virginian says last he heard of Titanic was at 12:27 a.m. when latter’s signals were blurred and ended abruptly. From now on boats working amongst themselves relative to Titanic disaster. Nothing more heard from Titanic.”

     About two hours and 40 minutes after striking the iceberg, the fabled ship had filled with water and was speeding toward the ocean floor.” Excerpt from TheStar.com

     Take a trip to the National Historical  site at Cape Race, and view the various items of memorabilia commemorating the role this area played in the rescue effort. A replica of the Marconi Wireless Radio can be found in the Myrick Wireless Interpretative Center. Better yet, bring along a picnic lunch from our restaurant and make an afternoon of it.

     If you are tried and true lover of all things Titanic have a look at our Titanic experience. Head over here to learn more.

** Admission fees are applicable for entry to the Interpretive center. A guide is there to answer any of your questions. The center operates seasonally from June to September.

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  • If travelling the Irish Loop, Trepassey Motel and Restaurant is a wonderful spot to enjoy a delicious meal cooked by Chef Norm and served by the very pleasant Waitresses!!! A friendly welcome greets you at the door!! Would recommend it to everyone!

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  • A Big Thank you going out to Trepassey Motel and Restaurant for the fantastic food and delivery service to our end year Zumba party. Great service.

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