Mistaken Point Location

     Mistaken Point was given it’s name because the area posed a navigational hazard for those at sea. Sailor’s disoriented by fog would often think they were rounding the bend at Cape Race but realized to late the mistake they had made and its consequences. Thus Mistaken Point received its name. It is also the site one of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in our province. Fossils have been found at Mistaken Point that range in age from 560 – 570 million years old. For that reason the area is now an ecological reserve. Like most UNESCO sites there is a big draw to the area. When you reach the site and you see the fossils at your feet, you will be nothing short of amazed.

     The only way to visit the site is through a guided tour. Guides know the area well and are a a wealth of information. The hike to the site takes about 45 minutes each way, plus the time spent observing the fossils and cliffs. The Edge of the Avalon Interpretative Center, located in Portugal Cove South, is home base for the beginning of your tour. At the Center you will see an exhibit with detailed maps and information about the area and gain a better understanding of what you are about to explore. What an excellent way to spend your day, exploring on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. Better yet take a picnic lunch along that we have prepared for you. Just let the staff know and we will be sure you have ready for your excursion.

     Edge of the Avalon Inn is located just 29km from Mistaken Point itself and 11km from Portugal Cove South, just a 10 minute drive. Our staff can help arrange transportation, and can check on tour availability if needed. We can also help arrange pickup and drop-off if you are staying with us and have no mode of transportation. If you are interested in booking a tour right away, you can reach the staff at the Edge of the Avalon Interpretative Center by calling 709-438-1011. Tours are seasonal, from late May to early October.

*** It is highly recommended to book your tour in advance as the spaces are very limited.

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  • "Out of the way, and worth the trip"

    Dan S. June, 2015 (Tripadvisor Review)

  • "Go there to eat. The food is superb"

    Raz K. May, 2015 (Tripadvisor Review)

  • If travelling the Irish Loop, Trepassey Motel and Restaurant is a wonderful spot to enjoy a delicious meal cooked by Chef Norm and served by the very pleasant Waitresses!!! A friendly welcome greets you at the door!! Would recommend it to everyone!

    Judy Brazil , June 9 - 2015

  • A Big Thank you going out to Trepassey Motel and Restaurant for the fantastic food and delivery service to our end year Zumba party. Great service.

    Marina Halleran , June 13 - 2015


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