Trepassey is home to an abundance of wildlife. Moose and Caribou can be seen on a regular basis for instance. Over the past few years we have seen a growing interest in Bird Watching (Birding) as well. There are a variety of species of birds, some quite rare, which visit the area. Have you ever heard of the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, for instance? It’s rare, and can be seen in Trepassey and around the Avalon. Check out ‘Bird-The-Rock’ for excellent information on the topic. See HIKING for another opportunity to see some of the birds that call our area home. Are whales your thing? Have a look here for a tale on our whales.

Let Edge of the Avalon Inn be your home base for your bird watching adventures!!! Book a room today.

Photo Credit for all of these spectacular pictures goes to local photographer Clifford Doran.

Prints are available for sale at the Inn. 



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  • "Out of the way, and worth the trip"

    Dan S. June, 2015 (Tripadvisor Review)

  • "Go there to eat. The food is superb"

    Raz K. May, 2015 (Tripadvisor Review)

  • If travelling the Irish Loop, Trepassey Motel and Restaurant is a wonderful spot to enjoy a delicious meal cooked by Chef Norm and served by the very pleasant Waitresses!!! A friendly welcome greets you at the door!! Would recommend it to everyone!

    Judy Brazil , June 9 - 2015

  • A Big Thank you going out to Trepassey Motel and Restaurant for the fantastic food and delivery service to our end year Zumba party. Great service.

    Marina Halleran , June 13 - 2015


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